20th-Century American Fiction

I'll use the margins
to note works that would
be great to have in this
course but didn't fit. It's a
work in progress, but I'll
add a few as we go.

Related to the Harlem Renaissance and the African
American experience: Zora
Neale Hurston's Their
Eyes Were Watching God,
1937. Excerpts (at least) from
Booker T. Washington's Up
from Slavery
, 1901 (chapters
1, 3, and 14), and W.E.B.
Dubois's The Souls of Black Folks, 1903 (Chapters 1 and 3).

John Dos Passos's
Trilogy, 1930,
1932, 1936

20th-Century American Fiction (EL 349W, Fall 2012) <--Currently Developing

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Week 1 (Sept. 5 and 7)

Day 1: No Class Yet

Day 2: Discussion of "Oread" (H.D.) & "The Emperor of Ice Cream" (Wallace Stevens) (Possibly more...)

Day 3: Excerpts from Winesburg, Ohio (Sherwood Anderson).
Click here for Anderson e-texts ("Grotesque," "Hands," "Paper Pills," "Godliness" I-IV).  Also: Modernism Handout.  Due: Self Intro on Wiki

Week 2 (Sept. 10, 12, and 14)
Due Friday: 5 Contributions to Timeline of 20th-Century America (at Wiki)

Day 1: Cane  (Jean Toomer), Part 1; Also In Class: Intro to Author Inquiry Project and Research Parkour

Day 2: Cane, Part 2

Day 3: Cane, Part 3

Week 3 (Sept. 17, 19, and 21)
Due Monday: Claim Author on Wiki
Due Friday: Proof of ILL Use
Due Friday, 5:00 pm: Critical Response #1 (Winesburg, Cane, or Gatsby)

Day 1: The Great Gatsby (F. Scott Fitzgerald), Chapters 1 and 2

Day 2: Gatsby, through mid-Chapter 7, "So we drove on toward death..."

Day 3: Gatsby, to the end

Week 4 (Sept. 24 , 26, and 28) 

Day 1: Ernest Hemingway (selections)
"The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber"
"Indian Camp"
"The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife"
"A Clean Well Lighted Place"

Day 2: Passing (Nella Larsen), Parts 1 and 2

Day 3: Passing, to the end (Part 3)

Week 5 (Oct. 1, 3, and 5)
Due Friday, 5:00 pm: Notes / Research Update  (Author Inquiry Project)

Day 1: As I Lay Dying  (William Faulkner), to Vardaman section ending in the word "fish," p. 84 in Vintage 1990 edition

Day 2: As I Lay Dying, to Addie section ending ""to them salvation is just words too," p. 176 in Vintage 1990 edition

Day 3: As I Lay Dying, to the end

Week 6 (Oct. 8, 10, and 12)
Due Friday, 5:00 pm: Critical Response #2 (Hemingway, As I Lay, Steinbeck, Welty, or O'Connor)

Day 1: John Steinbeck (selections)
"The Leader of the People"
The Grapes of Wrath, Chapter 5

Day 3: Eudora Welty (selections)
"A Worn Path"
"Why I Live at the P.O."
"Petrified Man"

Day 2: Flannery O'Connor (selections)
Meet in Robinson 240!!!!
"Everything That Rises Must Converge"
"Parker's Back"

Week 7 (Oct. 15, 17, and 19)
Midterm is Friday!

Day 1: TBA/Catch Up/Midterm Prep
Day 2: Inquiry Project Work Day

Week 8 (Oct. 22, 24, and 26)
Due Before You Leave for Break: Author Inquiry Project
(Thursday, 5:00 pm, at Latest)

Day 1: Author Inquiry Work Day
Day 2: Critical Analysis Prewriting Day
Day 3: Fall Break

Week 9 (Oct. 29 and 31, Nov. 2)
Due by Lunchtime on Tuesday: Author Inquiry Project
Due Friday, Any Time: Five Salient Facts About Your Author on the Wiki Timeline
Due Friday, 5:00 pm: Initial Claim for Critical Analysis (Critical Analysis)

Day 1: Fall Break
Day 2: Ragtime (E. L. Doctorow), Part 1
Day 3: Ragtime, Part 2

Week 10 (Nov. 5, 7, and 9)
Due Monday, 5:00 pm: Initial Claim for Critical Analysis (Critical Analysis)

Day 1: Ragtime (E. L. Doctorow), Parts 3 and 4
Meet in Robinson 240!!!!

Day 2: The Woman Warrior (Maxine Hong Kingston), Chapters 1-2
Day 3: The Woman Warrior, Chapters 3-4

Week 11 (Nov. 12, 14, and 16)
Due Friday, 5:00 pm: Critical Response #3 (Ragtime or Woman Warrior)

Day 1: The Woman Warrior (Maxine Hong Kingston), Chapter 5
Day 2: White Noise (Don Delillo), Part 1, "Waves and Radiation"
Day 3: White Noise, Part 2, "The Airborne Toxic Event"

Week 12 (Nov. 19, 21, and 23)
Due Monday, 5:00 pm: Middle Paragraph (Critical Analysis) AND
Due Before You Leave for Break:
Middle Paragraph Critique + Middle Paragraph Critiqued

Day 1: White Noise (Don Delillo), Part 3, "Dylarama"
Days 2 -3: Thanksgiving Break

Week 13 (Nov. 26, 28, and 30)
Due Monday, 5:00 pm: Critical Analysis

Day 1: Excerpts (Handout/TBA) from Understanding Comics (Scott McCloud)
Day 2: Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth (Chris Ware), to Here
Day 3: Jimmy Corrigan, to the End

Week 14 (Dec. 3, 5, and 7)
Due Monday, 5:00 pm: Any Short Critical Response REVISIONS
(See Revision Guidelines)
Due Friday, 5:00 pm: Critical Response #4 (White, Jimmy, or Extremely Loud)

Day 1: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (Jonathan Safran Foer), to p. 107
Day 2: Extremely Loud, to p. 216
Day 3: Extremely Loud, to the End

Week 15 (Dec. 10 + Dec. 12)

Day 1: Final Meeting, Reading TBA
: Wednesday, December 12, 1:00-3:00 pm.

Email Dr. Johnson

If I were doing a set
of short stories for
 Faulkner, rather than
a novel, this is a likely
list of texts:

"Dry September"
"Two Soldiers"
"Shall Not Perish"
"A Rose for Emily"

Someday, I'd love to get one of O'Connor's two novels into the course: Wise Blood or The Violent Bear It Away.