Tell-a-Vision Program

The Tell-a-Vision Sites

These sites are out of date and may have some broken links and other quirks.  In spite of that, they give a pretty good idea of what the Tell-a-Vision program aimed to achieve.  Both will launch in new windows.

2002-2003 Information Site

The original Tell-a-Vision site, and a product of my first experiments with MS Frontpage.  I was trying to process the meaning of "New Media" as I built this, and it shows a little too much, I think. The first pages are interesting if you're interested in defining terms, but a little noisy if you're a student who just wants to learn about the awards.
2003-2004 Information Site

Version 2.0.  A very different kind of site, with a neat Dreamweaver/ Fireworks interface that, in retrospect, is a little too clever, both because it was hard to update and because it was unfriendly for unsavvy net users.  The big red buttons on the left take you to major sections (though we never did get the fourth section posted).  The little widget at the bottom of the screen on the right will click you through the different pages in each section.