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General Job Hunt Sites
WU's Job Search Links (Focused on Paying Jobs with Non-Profits...) Job Hunitng Site
MediaBistro (Media-Related Jobs) (D.C.-Related Jobs) Links to Top Job-Listing SItes

Also think about specific organizations:

Building a Resume (and Exploring Careers)

Help with the Grad School Application

Help with Document Prep: Resumes and Cover Letters
The Purdue OWL's Job Search Writing Help
(The *excellent* resume-making sections are well worth your time.)
Career Services at Whitworth
(And talk with your friendly neighborhood profs.)
Bedford/St. Martin's Model Business Documents
(Including a good, basic resume model, in the "Business" section.)

Worthwhile Articles Related to Majoring in the Humanities

Worthwhile Articles
Related to Grad School
"Advice to Students Considering Grad. Work in English" (Michael West)
West reflects on the above document here.
"Advice to Graduate Students..." (MLA)
Career Resoures (MLA)
"What I Tell My Grad Students" (Lennard J. Davis, CHE)
"But I Have No Skills" (
"A Faustian Bargain" (Gregory K. Petsko defends the humanities.)
"And If I Just Don't Go?" (Alexandra Lord, CHE)
Eszter Hargittai's "Ph.Do" Inside Higher Ed Columns
Henry Adams's "Academic Bait and Switch" Series
"So You Want to get a Ph.D. in the Humanities" (This is a little TOO cynical.)

On the the Hiring Outlook for English Professors

School Rankings Sites
US News and World Reports Rankings
(Being ranked #1 here doesn't nec. make it your #1.) (Job Hunts, Grad School Rankings)

Finding a Specific Kind of Grad Program (Not Much in This Section Yet...)

Higher Ed-Centric Job Hunting Sites

More PhD Links

Freelancing and Publishing

What We Think About When We Think About Recommendation Letters

About the Value of a Well-Rounded Liberal Arts Education
"Our Superficial Scholars" (Heather Wilson)


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