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1.1: Introduction--Selection, Sequence, and 21st C. Literacy

Other/Related/From Class
Screening/Auditing Night
Officially, this course has a Tuesday night "screening" time (6:30-9:30).  Actually, we'll do just two official evening screenings: a group listening time on this first Monday and then a screening on Tuesday of week 3.

1.2: Audio Tale Telling

Due Before Class: Email me a brief MP3 file (10 seconds or less) recorded with Audacity, Garageband, or another program to which you have access.

Homework Listening
Ira Glass on Storytelling (20 min.)
RadioLab: "Making the Hippo Dance" (30 min.)
RadioLab: "War of the Worlds" (60 min.)
This American Life: "Music Lessons" (15 min.)  (Also here.)

Audacity Help (for PC users)

GarageBand Help (for Mac Users)

Great Audio/Radio Programs
This American Life (Ira Glass)
RadioLab (Robert Krulwich and Jad Abumrad)
A Prairie Home Companion (Garrison Keillor)

1.3: Graphic Design for Amateurs

Homework Reading/Exploration
The Non-Designer's Design Book, pp 10-80
Optional additional reading: pp 81-90
Scott McCloud's Six Transitions (Handout)

1.4: CopyLeft and Sharing

Due At Class Time: Turn in a printed/made/drawn mock up/rough draft of the visual project you've begun planning.  (Don't give me your only copy!  Photocopies are fine.)  On the back, or on a separate sheet of paper, list the major elements of your project, so far.

1.5: Comics Intro
Homework Reading
Understanding Comics (Chapters 1-6, 8)

2.1: Slideware 1 Print Project + Essay Due

Homework Listening/Viewing/Reading/Perusing 
"PowerPoint: Killer App?" (Ruth Marcus, WaPo)
Nancy Duarte on Presentations (Clips 1-7, 30 min.)
Nancy Duarte on Presentations (First 37 Minutes)
Presentation Zen, pp 5-43 (Chapters 1-2)

Also Review (Should Take About 30 min.)
"Storyboarding" (AFI w/Sean Astin, 5 min.)
"History of Storyboarding" (Student Project, 7 min.)
Storyboarding Bolt (Pixar, 1.5 min.)
"Storyboards" (OSU)
Spielberg on Storyboarding (AFI, 2.5 min.)
"Storyboarding: 4-Minute Film School" (Indy Mogul, 4 min.)
"How To Make a Storyboard" (Bunch of Kids, 2 min.)
"Storyboarding Your Movie" (Eejit)
"Storyboarding Your Movie" (Eejit)
Owen Hill's Storyboard Gallery
Indy Mogul Storyboard Template
"Print Free Storyboards" (PDF Pad)
"Storyboard Paper PDF Generator" (Incompetech)

Other/Related/From Class

2.2: Slideware 2  

Homework Reading
Presentation Zen, pp 45-179 (Chapters 3-7)

2.3: Hypertext/Comics 1

Homework Reading (Hypertext)
"Charmin' Cleary" (E. Falco)
(Keep going!  The set of Comics readings below is homework, too!)

Homework Reading (Comics/from McSweeney's)
"Preface" (Ira Glass, 6-7)
"Introduction" (Chris Ware, 8-12)
"Charles Schultz's Preliminary Drawings" (C. Ware, 66-71)
Artist Comics by Ivan Brunetti (13, 118, 264)
Wild Palms Review (Milt Gross, 42)
"We'll Sleep in My Old Room" (C. Ware, 72-75)
"ctrl" (Richard McGuire, 186-91)
"Portrait of My Father" (David Heatley, 259-63)

Other/Related/From Class

2.4: Hypertext/Comics 2

Homework Reading (Comics/from McSweeney's)
"Two Questions" (Lynda Barry, 60-65)
"The Nightmare Studio" (Gary Panter, 100-4)
"Strange Question" (Richard Sala, 121-26)
"In the Shadow of No Towers" (Art Spiegleman, 129-35)
from The Fixer (Joe Sacco, 142-50)
"The Death of Thomas Scott" (Chester Brown, 154-70)
"The Dead of Winter" (Debbie Drechsler, 208-13)
from Clyde Fans (Seth, 221-31)

Explore "Four Derangements" Here (Daniel Merlin Goodbrey)

2.5: Hypertext/Comics 3

Homework Reading (Hypertext)
"Hypertext and . . . Visual Literacy" (Bolter@Bb)
Explore: "Twelve Blue" (M. Joyce)
Explore: "The Jew's Daughter" (J.  Morrisey)
Explore: "Girl's Day Out" (Kerry Lawrynovicz)

3.1: MLK Day.  Stay Home.

3.2: Movies One  Slideware + Essay Due

Homework Reading
Yale Film Analysis Site, Introduction and Sections 1-5,
Will Help You Complete Definitions Sheet (for Thursday).

Don't forget: Movie screening tonight (Tuesday).

Other/From Class

3.3: Movies Two

Required Screening (Tuesday Night, 6:30-9:30)
The Royal Tenenbaums

3.4: Workshop

3.5: Online Journals, Online Art / Workshop
(Watch for announcement re: how to approach these links.)

Online Journals with Strong Reputations

Longer Journal List Under Development Here, FYI

Not Exactly Literary Journals, Worth a Look
3191 (Visual Blog, Leading to This Book)
Found Magazine (Found Objects)
Post Secret (Participatory Art)
The Book Inscription Project (Found/Participatory)
Mortified (Found/Participatory)
Where the Heck is Matt? (Quirky Video Phenom.)
You Are Beautiful ('Net Enhanced Participatory Art)
McSweeney's (Voice of the McSweeney's Set)
Wikipedia Vision (Data Art)
Flickr Vision (Data Art)
Jonathan Harris's Projects (More Data Art)
The Darth Side (Satire)
Garfield Minus Garfield (Visual Blog)
Baby Name Voyager (Data Art)
The Black Cab Sessions (Low Budget Live Music)
The Electronic Literature Collection, Vol. 1 (Lots of It)

Journalism and Opinion

Adapting Literary Works for the Web

Major, Growing Collections of Literary (and Other) Stuff Online

Also of Note

4.1: TBA  
Digital Story Due

4.2: Final  Essay Exam/Final Due

Postscript: Other Links, Unsorted
Everything is a Remix
Bill Wolff's "Remixing Composition in the Writing Classroom"
Technology: Poetry and New Media (Rick Stevens,
"Local Bookstores, Social Hubs, and Mutualization" (Clay Shirky)
"Will Books Survive?  A Scorecard..." (EiM)
"100 Years of Big Content Fearing Technology" (Ars Technica)
On Twitter Backchannels (Vincent Rhodes)
"Flash Mob Gone Wrong" (Ignite Presentation by Tom Scott)
"Ze Frank's Web Playroom" (TED)
Text-Based Games on the Kindle
Book Drum
The Waste Land iPad App